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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

All Punk Rods- A Gearhead Magazine Compilation

All Punk Rods- A Gearhead Magazine Compilation
In wav - Scans are included

1 –Unknown Artist Eddie Intro  
2 –Nomads Let's Go To The Dragstrip
3 –The Demonics Demon Garage
4 –The Splash Four Nut Cop
5 –The Hellacopters Long Gone Losers
6 –The Quadrajets Hidden Charms
7 –The Hi-Fives Certain Year'd Something
8 –Man Or Astro-Man? Updated Theme To Supercar
9 –Gas Huffer Ouch!
10 –The Dragons Ted
11 –The Donnas Speedin' Back To My Baby
12 –Peechees You Are Not
13 –Servotron Euro Driver Mechano
14 –The Smugglers Rock And Roll Was Never This Fun

Gearhead magazine helped put together this compilation of established bands and up-and-comers, featuring contributions from Man or Astro-Man?, Gas Huffer, Servotron, the Nomads, the Quadrajets, the Peechees, the Hi-Fives, the Smugglers, the Splash 4, the Demonics, the Dragons, and the Donnas.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sorrows - Teenage Heartbreak

Sorrows - Teenage Heartbreak 
In WAV - Scans are included

Teenage Heartbreak  
I Don't Like It Like That  
Bad Times  
I Want You Tonight  
Lonely Girl  
She Comes And Goes  
Can't Go Back  
All You Gotta Say  
I Want You So Bad  
Can't You Tell A Lie  
Second Chance  

1980 debut full length by SORROWS is a real powerpop classic along side the BEAT first album or the first PLIMSOULS!In case you missed it, read the comment that Arthur Alexander left on this blog:

On the up note, this year should finally(!) see the release of "Love Too Late" as it was REALLY intended to be, without the help from a "legendary producer". Thanks to Jim H. for your observation... I agree on all counts. Suffice it to say, it was NOT our intention.

As for our first album - "Teenage Heartbreak" - a version far superior to the original release, called "Bad Times Good Times", is available from Bomp! Records and through the usual on-line outlets as well.

Considering that "Teenage Heartbreak" was never re-released by CBS/SONY after its initial vinyl release and that the multitrack master tapes of it have been lost by the record company, it's as good as it's ever gonna get.

Thank you for keeping the flame alive! :)


The Sons Of Mod - We Baptize You In The Name Of Mod

Method Records and Music From Sydney ,Australia, is an independent music label dedicated to great indie music in genres such as power pop, punk, post-punk, ska and mod. 

Originally started in 1980 by Keith Welsh, Method was run through most of the 1980s by Fabian Byrne and Doug Lees. The label has been re-born in 2015 to release some great new music as well as to make available the remnant stock from the Method archives.

The label has just released the debut full length of The Sons Of Mod, "We Baptize You In The Name Of Mod".  

The Sons Of Mod is consisting of Andrew McCulloch (composer of the songs, lead guitar and vocals) - Amr Zaid Abdallah (bass and vocals) - Stephen Di Girolama (Rhythm guitar and vocals) - Hayden Wackerman (Drums and percussion). 

If you like the 1968 Small Faces' ‘Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake’ you are so gonna love to be baptized in the name of Mod! This record is a blissful mix of heavy rock, psychedelic blues sounds and organ grooves. Driving beats support brilliant guitar work and pulsating baselines.  Personnal favorite tracks : Hamburg Stomp, Ghost train. Electric Silverfish.

Purchase it here :

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Jam - The Gift Deluxe Edition

The Jam - The Gift Deluxe Edition
In wav - Scans are included

Disc: 1
  1. Happy Together
  2. Ghosts
  3. Precious
  4. Just Who Is The 5 O'clock Hero
  5. "Trans - Global Express"
  6. Running On The Spot
  7. Circus
  8. The Planner's Dream Goes Wrong
  9. Carnation
  10. Town Called Malice
  11. The Gift
  12. Precious (12")
  13. The Great Depression
  14. The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)
  15. Pity Poor Alfie / Fever
Disc: 2
  1. Skirt (demo)
  2. Get Yourself Together (demo) Originally released on 'Extras'
  3. Ghosts (instrumental demo)
  4. Just Who Is The 5 O'clock Hero (demo)
  5. Running On The Spot (demo)
  6. The Planner's Dream Goes Wrong (demo)
  7. Carnation (instrumental demo)
  8. Precious (demo) Originally released on 'Direction, Reaction, Creation'
  9. The Bitterest Pill (demo)
  10. Alfie (demo '2')
  11. We've Only Started ('old version')
  12. Only Started (instrumental demo)
  13. Shopping (AKA 'Paul's demo')
  14. Beat Surrender (demo)
  15. Solid Bond In Your Heart (demo)

"Town called Malice."  is absolutely majestic,combining an absolute positive with an absolute negative but bringing them together somehow in perfect harmony. If that's the best track then it is followed by Happy Together, Running on the spot and Carnation. Those are the 4 exceptional tracks and worth the price of the album. "Ghosts" is slow, reflective and effortlessly melodic ;  "Precious" seems like an impersonation of another band albeit a great one. Weller was only 22 or 23 when he wrote it. It's over 30 years since they split but no one has ever replaced the Jam in the hearts of most of their fans.

disc 1 :!JVcnCToR!G3OieoF3JAvt6n-DAYVxwWwSULWvdiD81b8zVOrTLaU

disc 2 :!VEtnEThB!nNUpXtubqNhqWuBYdw5jFcTLbu19bjjQXiyRIjfs5z4

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Modern Kicks - The Kicks Ain't Alright

Modern Kicks is a fantastic Glam/Powerpop four piece from San Francisco, California, consisting of Ant Boyd - Vox/Guitar Alex Stiletto - Lead Guitar Stephen Sims- Bass/Vox Sean Glass - Drums/Vox.

In the vein of the early Biters/Wyldlife/The Cry the quartet is playing great American Rock’n’Roll!Their latest offering, "The Kicks Ain't Alright" was released a while ago but this is well worth doing some research and checking it out. 

The 6 tracks cd is filled to the rafters with super catchy, powerful glam songs with great lead and backing vocals, driving guitars and an ever pulsating rhythm section. 

In fact the only real complain one could make is that the cd is TOO SHORT! Another 4 tracks to make it a full length had really been welcome and would have made this a real classic of bubblegum chomping, power pop stompers of ‘70s glam rock.

Former Thunder Boys, Zachary James, who also released a great powerpop/glam record in 2009 under the moniker "The All Seeing Eyes", produced the 2 opening tracks : "Up All Night" and "We're All Alright". But my personnal favorite song here is the anthemic "Teenage Overdose". GREAT STUFF!

Purchase it here:

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

THE OUTTA SITES - "Outta Sites, Outta Mind" on Spinout records

THE OUTTA SITES from Los Angeles, California, are still America's number One frat and dance band as their latest offering, "Outta Sites, Outta Mind", on Spinout records clearly demonstrates.

Lately the band is featuring Chris “Sugarballs” Sprague: lead vocals and guitar - Jason "Mongoose" Eoff: organ and backing vocals. The two also produced and engineered the record - Juan Ugalde :bass and backing vocals - Rikki Styxx : drums and backing vocals - 

This is the band's third full length and probably their best stuff so far. The album kicks of with a fuzz laden cover of THE NEANDERTHALS 'Arula Mata Gali' and the tone is set for the rest of the record: a real rollercoaster ride through 60's Garage, Merseybeat and organ grooves, highly recommended if you like 1960's British Invasion Rock and Roll (The Beatles, The Dave Clark Five) or american bands of the same area in the likes of The Remains, The Kingsmen or the Knickerbockers.

Some other very cool covers include a brilliant rendition of The Guess Who "Believe me", The Sparkles'"No friend of mine" and Bobby Freeman's "C'Mon And Swim".

Not only is the music fantastic but the very groovy paintings on Dinah DeRosa's gorgeous body are spendid as well. 

So you know exactly what to do, PURCHASE A COPY HERE:

also visit the band's webpage :

and spinout records' webpage :

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Jam - Sound Affects Deluxe Edition

The Jam - Sound Affects Deluxe Edition 
In Flac - Scans are included

Original Album (Remastered):
1-1 Pretty Green  
1-2 Monday  
1-3 But I'm Different Now  
1-4 Set The House Ablaze  
1-5 Start!  
1-6 That's Entertainment  
1-7 Dream Time  
1-8 Man In The Corner Shop  
1-9 Music For The Last Couple
1-10 Boy About Town  
1-11 Scrape Away  

       Bonus Tracks:
2-1 Start!  
2-2 Liza Radley  
2-3 Dreams Of Children  
2-4 That's Entertainment (Alternative)  
2-5 Pretty Green (Demo)  
2-6 Pop Art Poem  
2-7 Rain (Demo)
2-8 Boy About Town (Demo)  
2-9 Dream Time (Demo)  
2-10 Dead End Street (Demo)
2-11 But I'm Different Now (Demo)  
2-12 Scrape Away (Instrumental)  
2-13 Start! (Demo)  
2-14 Liza Radley (Demo)  
2-15 And Your Bird Can Sing (Demo)
2-16 Monday (Alternative)  
2-17 Get Yourself Together (Demo)
2-18 Set The House Ablaze (Alternative)  
2-19 Boy About Town (Alternative)  
2-20 No One In The World (Demo)  
2-21 'Instrumental' (Demo)  
2-22 Waterloo Sunset (Demo)

Tellingly, when Paul Weller came to record 2010’s Mercury-nominated Wake Up The Nation, it was 1980s Sound Affects that his collaborator and producer Simon Dine held up as a model. Sound Affects was originally released at a time when The Jam was considered the biggest band in Britain. The album followed the band’s first number one single-- "Going Underground" and features the group’s second UK number one single, "Start!"--a track built around almost exact copies of the bass-line and guitar solos from The Beatles’ "Taxman" (at the time Weller considered the album a cross between Off the Wall and Revolver). It includes many of the band’s classic songs: "That’s Entertainment" (written in a caravan in Selsey, after the pub), never released as a single in UK,"Man in the Corner Shop", "Pretty Green", the pure-pop of "Boy About Town" and "Dream Time". It’s regarded by critics and fans (as well as Weller) as their most adventurous and experimental collection of material, drawing musical influences from the 'post-punk' groups of the late-70s--Wire, Gang Of Four and Joy Division--as well as neo-psychedelic touches from The Beatles and The Zombies. The distinctive cover art is a pastiche of the artwork used on various BBC sound effects records of the 1970s, incorporating pop-art imagery.

cd1 :!pcVViTDK!GJAiy30WHnSE5sR_VwD9kYak4J5eWPHBHAynCF--jvc


Friday, January 29, 2016

Hydromatics Original recording remastered on EASY ACTION RECORDS

cd reissue cover artwork

The Hydromatics was formed by Nick Royale from The Hellacopters and Tony Slug from Amsterdam punkband The Nitwitz. They planned to recorded a series of Sonic's Rendezvous Band cover songs, but the project was long on hold due to the hectic touring schedules of The Hellacopters. However Tony Slug was able to get a hold of Sonic's Rendezvous Band co-founder Scott Morgan and during the Hellacopters second visit to Detroit, Morgan happily accepted the offer to record with Tony and Nick. 

In 1999, Scott and Nick flew to Amsterdam and met up with Tony and his bandmate Theo Brouwer and The Hydromatics were born.The band rehearsed for six days, played three shows in Amsterdam and wrote some new material for the bands debut album "Parts Unknown". 

Original album cover artwork
I Remember it as if it was yesterday. Summer of 1999. I walked into a record store in the city of Ghent and quite immediately stumbled on the wonderful yellow cover of the "Parts Unknown" album. I bought it on the spot. Back home, when I put the clear vinyl on my turntable I was mesmerized by the soulful power and sheer energy that oozed out of the speakers.

British Rock 'n' Roll label EASY ACTION RECORDS released a remastered version of this brilliant record. The cd displays a wonderful new artwork, two tracks with different mix for 7" singles and also 6 live tracks recorded in Freiburg in 1999. All of this amazingly remastered in the most sonic "in your face" way possible!

Although the Hydromatics made a good solid studio album after practising for six days, after six weeks on the road with the Hellacopters and Zen Guerilla they had turned into a lethal rocking monster.  What the band was capable of on stage can be heard on these six live songs recorded off the board in Switzerland. This is the real deal, with no overdubs or fancy producer tricks. It's a pure adrenalin rush from the very first second to the last feedback-drenched note of the glorious Sonic's Rendezvous Band anthem "City Slang". 

This CD is the second in the series of Hydromatics reissues packaged in card gatefold sleeve featuring unseen photos. 

The band is looking to reform in spring of 2016 based on success of these reissues and tour Europe with Radio Birdman Deniz Tek added to the line up.

 An absolute must buy! Get it here: