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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Berwanger - Exorcism Rock

Doghouse Records recently released "Exorcism Rock", the sophomore full length of Josh Berwanger. Hailing for Kansas, the man knows how to write perfect power pop gems that stick in your head for days and his new album, recorded in 7 straight days and produced by Doug Boehm, is brilliant from start to finish and highly recommanded!

Here is Josh Berwanger in his own words:

1) For those who don't know you, What can you tell about yourself? You Were in other bands previously, and then you choose a solo career: had you the feeling these bands were going nowhere fast or did you want a radical change? 

I was in a band called The Anniversary that formed in 1998. We signed to Vagrant Records and put out two albums in 2000 and 2003. We toured Europe twice as well as countless tours in the States. We toured with Modest Mouse, Guided By Voices, Get Up Kids, Mars Volta, Superdrag, Cheap Trick and many other cool bands. We ended up imploding and going our separate ways. 

After The Anniversary broke up I started a band called The Only Children. We put out two albums called Change Of Living and Keeper Of Youth in 2004 and 2007. After touring on the Keeper Of Youth album I was burned out and hung up the guitar for a while. I wanted as far away from playing music as possible and of all things I started coaching High School basketball. 

After some years of coaching I started picking up the guitar here and there and slowly began writing songs that would eventually turn into the Strange Stains album. I guess you can't escape from what you love. Since Strange Stains came out I've been touring and have put out 2 7"s and an e.p. called Demonios and am now touring on Exorcism Rock.

2) When I listen to Your debut full length "Strange Stains" it seems to me you had much in common with 70' bands like The Paley Brothers or the Dwight Twilley Band. But in 2 years time, the sound has become more powerful and fierce. Do you agree and can you comment on this evolution?

When writing Strange Stains I had taken a long break from making an album and I wanted to make a fun sounding record very much like the Paley Brothers. To be honest I recorded most of it in my basement with the intent of it never coming out. I was just making it for me.

Yes, I agree in the sound changing up a bit. I am always trying to evolve as an artist and I never want to put out two of the same sounding albums. I am almost done with the 3rd album and it has a different sound and feel than these first two. 

3) About the new record "Exorcism Rock", is this the record of the big break through?

We'll see. It would be nice. 

4) can you explain the choice of the title and the very intriguing artwork? 

Charles Wilkin is the artist who did the cover. The name of the piece is "The Waiting" and for those who haven't seen the cover it has a woman looking into a skull on it. To be honest I'm not really into skulls on album covers since it is something that is done so much, but the piece as a whole really represented and spoke to me and I felt represented the sound and lyrics of the album, which is mainly about a walk in the park.

5) To what kind of music did you listen to as a teenager and does this music still influence your today work? What was your favorite band as a teenager? Name 3 bands that you consider still have a influence on your own work today.

I still listen to the music I listened to as a kid and as a teenager and am constantly looking for to find out about new albums both old and new. As a kid I got really into Alice Cooper, Guns N' Roses, Ozzy and I have always loved those bands. As a younger teenager I started getting a lot more into bands like The Doors, Gram Parsons, Davy Graham, Beatles, Dinosaur Jr., Ramones, and was really starting to explore the local Kansas City and Lawrence music scene with bands like Vitreous Humor, The Breakups, Butterglory, Micronots, The Embarrassment. 

3 bands from my youth that still influence me would be Bob Dylan, Beatles, and Rolling Stones. Pretty obvious, but they are the best.

6) The rant at the end of "Oh Bis!", is this a true story or total bullshit? Anyway, it's quite funny. 

Ha! Totally a true story. The funniest part about it is not so much the guy messing up and calling my friend a "bis" instead of a "bitch" but calling him a dipstick.

7) What can concert goers expect at a Josh Berwanger gig? Are you playing any famous cover songs? Do you still play "Back of my hand"- that I personally consider as one of the best covers ever.

I love The Jags! Thank you. We haven't been doing any covers live. Ricky and I play covers when we are just playing guitars and messing around like ELO or some Ozzy stuff, sometimes "Crazy Horses" by the Osmonds. Our live shows as of late have been very Exorcism Rock heavy. Concert goers can except a pretty rocking set with not much time in-between songs.

8) Does Kansas (the state, not the band!*;) Clin d’œil) have a long history of rock bands, that goes way back to the 60'or 70's?

My favorite band to come out of Kansas/KC area is a band called The Leopards, they had two amazing records called Kansas City Slickers and Magic Still Exists. Kansas City Slickers is in my top 10 records. I think to get a really a good sense of the music from KS, KC, and a few of the other states that surround the Midwest is to go and buy the Titan Records box set the Numero Group put out. It is absolutely amazing!

9) Are you guys coming over to Europe soon?

We would absolutely love to and it is a goal for us to do this. We just don't know how to do that right now. We don't have any contacts over there. 

10) Anything you wanna say to the viewers of this blog? 

Thanks for taking some time from your day to read this and I hope you get a chance to listen to some of our music. Please feel free to message me and say hi and we hope to play for you one day. Thanks!

Purchase it HERE:

Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Resonars - 2008 - That Evil Drone

The Resonars - 2008 - That Evil Drone
In FLAC - Scans are included

1 World Apart  
2 No Black Clouds Float By  
3 One Part Moan  
4 Run Kodiak Run  
5 Here's The Frenzy  
6 No Horizon  
7 Sister Sally  
8 Black Breath  
9 She Did  
10 Bird Using Bird  
11 Yes Grosvenor  
12 Riding Backwards

More RESONARS. Thanks to Imelis for providing the goods.

Friday, December 2, 2016

The Tweeds - 2016 - I Need That Record- The Tweeds Anthology

The Tweeds - 2016 - I Need That Record- The Tweeds Anthology
In FLAC - Front picture only

1 If I Could Only Dance
2 I'm Thru
3 Shortwave
4 Teen Love
5 Ode to a Glicknick (The Larry Glick Song)
6 Underwater Girl
7 My Memories
8 Postcard
9 I Need That Record
10 Hey Baby
11 Later Tonight
12 She's the Girl (Who Said No)
13 I've Got Rock
14 We Ran Ourselves
15 Away from You
16 Underwater Girl (Eat Records Version)
17 Part of the Game
18 No More

Usually Numero reissues come with lengthy bios and myriad facts about careers gone astray, labels that were pockets of talent or early careers that were overlooked. This one seems a bit oddly rushed for Numero, in that its only available digitally and there don’t seem to be any notes with it. However, for those familiar with their Yellow Pills comp, the name Tweeds should be familiar. They showed up on both the early CD version of Prefill and Numero’s later issue of Buttons. The band was from Massachusetts and issued a small string of singles and EPs from 1977 – 1981, the most famous of which is probably 1980’s Perfect Fit which contains their most lasting tracks “I Need That Record” and “The Girl Who Said No” LET'S HOPE FOR A REAL RELEASE ON RECORD AND CD!!!

Special Thanks to Jpaul for this brilliant contribution!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kurt Baker - 2011 - For Spanish Ears Only

Kurt Baker - 2011 - For Spanish Ears Only
In FLAC - Scans are included

1 Up To You (Leftovers Outtake 2005)
Drums – Adam Woronoff
Guitar – Oldport Joe Brien
Guitar, Vocals – Andrew Rice
Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

2 Blame It On Cain (Live June 2011)
Bass – Jeff Beam
Drums – Craig Sala
Guitar – Mike Rodrigue
Guitar, Vocals – Geoff Useless, Kris "Fingers" Rodgers
Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

3 Can't Have Her Back (Live February 2011)
Bass – Jeff Beam
Drums – Craig Sala
Guitar – Mike Rodrigue
Guitar, Vocals – Geoff Useless, Kris "Fingers" Rodgers
Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

4 Lousy Imitations (Leftovers Outtake 2005)
Drums – Adam Woronoff
Guitar – Oldport Joe Brien
Guitar, Vocals – Andrew Rice
Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

5 Telephone Operator (Live February 2011)
Bass – Jeff Beam
Drums – Craig Sala
Guitar – Mike Rodrigue
Guitar, Vocals – Geoff Useless, Kris "Fingers" Rodgers
Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

6 Every Moment (Demo 2009)
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

7 You Can't Do That (Live With Jett Beam November 2011)
Drums – Ryan Dolan
Guitar – Scott Griouard
Guitar, Vocals – Jeff Beam
Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

8 Make You Mine (Pet Sounds Mix 2009)
Drums – Adam Woronoff
Lead Vocals – Kurt Baker (2)
Producer – Adam Woronoff

9 Fool For Loving You (Demo 2010)
Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

10 Peppermint Island (Demo 2007)
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

11 Anytime At All (Live With Jeff Beam November 2010)
Drums – Ryan Dolan
Guitar – Scott Griouard
Guitar, Vocals – Jeff Beam
Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

12 Please Believe Me (Demo 2010)
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

13 I'm Not Angry (Live June 2011)
Bass – Jeff Beam
Drums – Craig Sala
Guitar – Mike Rodrigue
Guitar, Vocals – Geoff Useless, Kris "Fingers" Rodgers
Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

14 Don't Call Me Tonight (Demo 2010)
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

15 Summertime Girls (Demo 2007)
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

16 Gave My Heart (Demo 2010)
Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Kurt Baker (2)

Limited Edition 200 Copies For Spanish Tour 2011

Special thanks to Billy W. for this rare contribution

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Reigning Sound - Break Up Break Down

Reigning Sound - Break Up Break Down
In FLAC - Scans are included

Since When
I Don't Care
You Don't Hear The Music
As Long
Want You
So Goes Love
Take A Ride
Waiting For The Day
So Sad
I'm So Thankful

Former Oblivians and Compulsive Gamblers frontman Greg Cartwright cools his boiling garage leanings to a simmer on the Memphis musician's debut with the Reigning Sound. It's all about the material on Break Up Break Down, and there are only scattered references to the primal blues-rock of Cartwright's notable '90s projects. Heart-tugging vocals and songwriting are the central components that this country-folk collection revolves around. Highlights like the waltz-time lament "Goodbye" have just what it takes to grip the inner Hank Williams in every garage rocker, without tripping any irony-minded alerts that equate anything emotional with overt sentimentality.

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Prehistorics - Storm The Gates

The Prehistorics are a Australian rock'n'roll band hailing from Sidney and including main man Brendan Sequeira Vocals/guitar, Stu Greenwood Lead guitar/vocals, Jonathan Sequeira Bass guitar/vocals and  Alcides Stowe Drums/vocals. 

The band recently released its 4th full length, "Storm The Gates", on the independant Australian Record label  SONIC ARTILLERY RECORDS. The Album is brilliantly co-produced by Brendan and Michael Carpenter of the FINKERS fame. 

As far as I'm concerned, this is without any doubt their best record so far, filled with fat and heavy 70s guitars riffs supported by a tight and groovy rhythm section. And -most important- Brendan Sequeira knows how to pen great songs with plenty of hooks and sing-a-long choruses that stick in your head for days.

Yours truly had a little chat with the main man behind this amazing band.

1) What can you tell about The Prehistorics? How long are you guys together as a band? Were you in other bands previously? Way back in the day, your debut full length "Petrified" made quite an impression but I confess that after that I kinda lost track of The Prehistorics and I was not even aware of the following 2 records "Subterranean Nightmare" and "Playing with Fire". Shame on me! What happened for the band between the first album and the latest one?

THE PREHISTORICS were formed in 2002, with me on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, and my brother Jonathan on Bass. We worked with many different musicians filling various roles in the band, mostly because it was hard to find reliable people who were committed to the music. I think for many musicians these days, they have a short attention span and are too busy chasing ‘the next big thing’, rather than focussing on one or two projects and putting all their efforts into making that work. The Prehistorics for me, is my life and my oxygen so I have always given it the highest priority. I think, for many other musicians, music is just a hobby to be honest, whilst I have very clear objectives and want to do my maximum to realise my dreams.

Jonathan and I started our first band together around 1986, called The Guttersnipes, in Sydney Australia, and at that time we played a mix of punk and power-pop covers as well as about 50 per cent originals. Then we played in a more hardcore pop band called Deep Dish Action, before forming The Prehistorics nearly 15 years ago. With The Prehistorics, we put out our first album in 2009 and released the video ‘Zombie Generation’, which kind of launched the band and got us a lot of attention. After that album, The Prehistorics released ‘Subterranean Nightmare’ with a number of videos such as ‘Rock ‘n Roller Coaster’ and ‘Attack of The Klingons’, through MGM Distribution. This record really saw us maturing and finding our sound. We toured Europe soon after that, in 2013 and did really well in France so we came back again in 2014 with the release of the 3rd album “Playing With Fire” and suddenly got a solid reputation as a scorching live act I guess.

2) About the new record "Storm The Gates", is this the record of the big break through? can you explain the choice of the title and the very "revolution française" artwork?

Storm The Gates is the album I am probably most proud of because I wrote it very quickly and wrote all the songs on it, under a lot of personal pressure. The whole concept of the record is to try to wake people up and get them to be true individuals and challenge the injustices of this world. I don’t have a master plan for that, LOL, but I do think society has become very conservative and brainwashed, many people are like sheep and they need to wake up to what is real and important in the world. I liked the whole French revolution concept and the artwork of some of the great painters so I wanted to incorporate that into the front cover, but also adding a sense of humour to make the point that life can also be fun and silly whilst also standing up for what is right. As for whether or not this record is ‘the big break through’, I guess that’s for others to decide. For me, it is the most complete and satisfying piece of art I have ever made and I feel like I made no compromises on this record. I did exactly what I wanted to do so it feels right to me. Critics have praised the album so I suppose I am hitting the mark there too, which is important, but the most important thing is that I feel that I have made a great record and my fans agree too.

3) To what kind of music did you listen to as a teenager and does it still influence your today work? What was your favorite band as a teenager? Name 3 bands that you consider still have a influence on your own work today.

The Prehistorics sound is really a combination of all of my favourite bands and musical influences. There’s elements of The Clash and The Damned in there as well as The MC5, Redd Kross and Radio Birdman, plus all the underground Australian bands from the late 70’s to the 80’s. This was the ‘golden era’ in Australian music and there were literally hundreds of amazing, creative bands out there, playing every night of the week. I was lucky to see many of them!

4) Is there a main composer in the band or is everybody involved in one way or another?

I pretty write everything these days, the music and the lyrics and even on the previous records, I wrote or co-wrote just about every song. For me, the band has always been my ‘ baby’ and my strengths are as a songwriter, so I have taken on that role mostly because I was the best qualified to do it. On the other hand, so many people have helped along the way so that I could achieve the goals of the band, after all, I’m not a one-man band, but it has to be said that the main direction and sound of the band has been driven by my catalogue of song ideas. As a musician generally, I am the first to admit there are better guitarists out there than me, but I seem to have had a better concept of the ‘black arts’ of song-writing, so I have tried to use my abilities as the main force behind the music.

5) The Prehistorics could be compared to Hoodoo Gurus, The Screaming Tribesmen or The Huxton Creepers. Do you agree with this comparaison or do you consider there is way more than that?

I love those bands! Such high praise too, to be compared with those legends! They are truly amazing and part of the legendary Australian music scene of that era, so yes, they all totally influenced me. The Hoodoo Gurus are one of the greatest bands to have ever walked the earth and Dave Faulkner is a legend. I mean, who can write songs like that? He never  misses. The Screaming Tribesman were another favourite of mine along with The Hitmen and Radio Birdman. Just listen to the killer guitar work on their records, Chris Mazuak is a genius really and has an amazing body of work to prove it. Just listen to his latest record, it’s on the money.

6) Is the album closer from the new LP, "La Fleur De La Liberte", about the events that took place in Paris last year in November??

Yes, you are exactly right. I was very moved by the tragedy in France in Paris, in November last year so I wrote that song the week after the event. I have many close connections in France and I actually lived there for about a year which was just fantastic. The country is going through so much turmoil at the moment and in fact, when I was living in the south of France earlier this year, the tragedy in the city of Nice also happened, which was devastating. My heart goes out to all the people there, I just wish everyone on this planet could get along and stop all the killing and murdering. Nothing was ever solved by that.

7) What can concert goers expect at a The Prehistorics gig? Are you playing any famous cover songs?

We always think about giving our fans the very best material from our catalogue of 40 plus songs so we will be playing all the old favourites, all the video songs, plus a number of tracks from the new album. I am really excited about playing La Fleur De La Liberte in France to pay my respects to my French friends. The set will be pretty rock’n though as always, because we play with a lot of energy and with our hearts, so I reckon it will be a high-energy concert. We often throw in a few covers too from bands like The Lime Spiders, Radio Birdman (we do a cover of the classic song ‘What Gives’) and maybe a few more surprises!

8) Does Sydney, Australia have a long history of rock bands, that goes way back to the 70/80's?

Back in the 70’s and right through to the early 90’s, the whole of Australia was such an awesome place for rock ‘n roll. ACDC pretty much started in Sydney and then there were the other great bands like The Angels, Rose Tattoo and The Sunnyboys, all pretty much based in Sydney. When the alternative music scene started we had Radio Birdman, The Gurus and about a million other great bands in Sydney and Australia. Of course there were The Saints too in Brisbane and they really put Australian punk on the world stage. I just wish there were more bands like this these days. It seems that much of the audience has moved on and is too ready to consume all of the corporate crap that they are fed rather than seek out underground music that has meaning and purpose. I mean, there are still great bands to be found, you just gotta dig deep to find them. LOL, that’s what my song “Tales From The Underground” on the 3rd album, was really all about!


STORM THE GATES is available on CD , coloured vinyl and digital download.

Purchase it here :

Wednesday, November 23, 2016



In wav (A) and FLAC (B and C) - scans are included

A) Time Bomb High School

 1. Stormy Weather   
 2. Staight Shooter  
 3. You're Not As Pretty    
 4. Brown Paper Sack     
 5. Wait And See     
 6. I Walk By Your House     
 7. Time Bomb High School  
 8. I Don't Believe   
 9. She's Bored With You   
 10. Reptile Style   
 11. I'm Holding Out  
 12. I Don't Know How To Tell You  
 13. Dressy  
 14. I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys  
 15. You're So Strange 


1. Find Me Now  
2. If You Can't Give Me Everything  
3. Funny Thing  
4. Medication Blues #1  
5. Carol  
6. What Could I Do?  
7. If Christmas Can't Bring You Home  
8. Pretty Girl  
9. Without You  
10. Don't Send Me No Flowers, I Ain't Dead Yet [Live] 


1. My Heart Is Beating  
2. Nobody Knows (But I Do)  
3. Break It One More Time  
4. Stop And Think It Over  
5. Cry About the Radio  
6. You're Never Gonna See Me Cry  
7. Dangerous Game  
8. Don't Come Back  
9. I Just Missed You  
10. Stitch In Time  
11. Tell Me What You Want Me To Do  
12. Heaven Only Knows  
13. I Don't Care  
14. You Can Stay With Me  
While Mary Weiss's name isn't familiar to the masses, her records with the Shangri-Las in the 1960s left an indelible mark on the cultural map. "Leader of the Pack," "Remember (Walking in the Sand)," and a string of other hits had her unmistakable voice blasting from radios and record players across the land. Just 18 when their last hit fell off the charts, Weiss, disillusioned from bad business deals, virtually disappeared. Now, 40 years later, comes her first solo album. Backed by Greg Cartwright and his band Reigning Sound, the songs (most of them penned by Cartwright) have their roots in the '60s, but eschew Spectorish sheen and density for a harder-edged sound. If the early-era Rolling Stones had been fronted by Debbie Harry, they'd have landed quite near this relentless 40-minute party. The few covers include an Ellie Greenwich/Jeff Barry chestnut, "Heaven Only Knows." Smartly paced, a few ballads offer some breathing room before the rhythm pumps up again. --David Greenberger!VcsSCAoQ!HAND5w--jfN2U9d3IpCJ-5SLM1zx7p6CiXngDJnauO0

Special Thanx to Limburg for this great contribution